Eggplant cream with truffles

27 Ron

Smoked mangalica paté

29 Ron

Homemade grilled cheese

32 Ron

Grilled chicken salad

33 Ron

Almond chicken salad

33 Ron

Potato soup with tarragon

28 Ron

Wild pheasant broth

32 Ron

Peasant soup

26 Ron

Roasted red pepper cream soup

28 Ron

Cream of porcini mushroom soup

26 Ron

Bean goulash

30 Ron

Angus wiener schnitzel

52 Ron

Stuffed pork chops

44 Ron

Tenderloin stew

68 Ron

Confit duck leg

47 Ron

The Castle Wiener schnitzel

45 Ron

Sirloin steak

35 Ron/100g + 18 Ron

Smoke-roasted pork neck

49 Ron

Tenderloin steak

89 Ron

Grilled royal pork knuckle

14 Ron/100g + 15 Ron

Mangalica barbeque

69 Ron

Almond chicken

42 Ron

Royal Burger

43 Ron

The Castle chicken sandwich

38 Ron

The Castle Burger

40 Ron

Chicken corn tortilla

40 Ron

Chicken fagopyrum spaghetti

42 Ron

Fresh fagopyrum spaghetti

40 Ron


with rose honey and roasted nuts - 17 Ron

Chocolate cream

with coconut milk - 17 Ron


with raspberry sauce and black sesame crunch - 19 Ron

Frankfurter Würstchen

Vegan Omelette

Sweet Breakfast

Cheese and ham omelette

Bacon Omelette

Butcher's plate

English Breakfast